So Delay was presented at the Sydney Fringe. It was at the Old 505 Theatre in Newtown.
I was in Sydney as my short film What It Feels Like won the International Documentary Award at the Focus On Ability Film Festival. I was there for 2 weeks, thanks to the festival and took the opportunity to present Delay at the Sydney Fringe. I has an awesome time! Would love to go back and do it again sometime.
More news on 2 more performances of Delay real soon.


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Photos from Circles, Circles, Circles at Anatomy – Friday 4 March 2016


On Friday 4 March we presented a new Private Play called Circles, Circles, Circles in a brand new method. Instead of having an art installation, we asked the audience to read the script in a theatre space, during a segment in a multi-arts cabaret event called Anatomy at Summerhall in Edinburgh. During our segment the host introduced what Circles, Circles, Circles is and handed out the zine. The audience then had ten minutes to read and experience the Private Play. We have some photos of the event below. The were taken by Rich Dyson.

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As this was an experiment for us we are still looking into presenting Private Plays in this method. Ideally we would like to take the concept to spoken word and theatre scratch nights. This may involve adapting the idea of Private Plays some more to suit that style of event.


We will keep you posted on more events like this and will post up some videos of Circles, Circles, Circles at Anatomy next week. We will also update the Private Plays section of our website to give a documentation of the event and a pdf of the zine if you would like to read a digital copy.