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Do It Theatre are a new Scottish theatre company who create theatrical events for adults with Autism. We call these events Private Plays. Recently we have been given a New Emerging Theatre Companies Award from New Diorama Theatre in London, a Small Grants Award from the Tom McGrath Trust and project funding from Creative Scotland.

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What Are Private Plays?

Private Plays are immersive performances where the audience read illustrated theatre scripts which are presented as Zines in unusual settings. The scripts are developed to be read in these locations and the illustrations spark the readers imagination. It’s site specific theatre without performers and mood lighting. Private Plays open up storytelling to a new audience.

The play scripts and Zines are available to download from this website for anyone to perform. They are created for all to enjoy regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability or background. All that is needed is the ability to read and some imagination.

Private Plays appear at events, festivals and exhibitions. You can purchase our zines at our online Zine Shop.

Digital Private Plays

Digital Private Plays are special Private Plays that you download from this website and perform by yourself, in your own good time and at a variety of locations. More info here.

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Members of Do It Theatre

Steven_Do It Theatre Image
Steven Fraser

Hi, I am the writer and artist for the Private Plays. My background is in animation, comic books and illustration. I like developing theatre with interesting characters who inhabit fascinating locations. To me Private Plays presents how intimate and personal theatre can be.
More of my work can be viewed here.


Ewelina_Do It Theatre Image
Ewelina Rydzewska

Hi, I am the educational specialist for Do It Theatre. I advise on the scripts so they can appeal to people with autism and social problems but also the general public. To me Private Plays open up theatre to people who may not normally be drawn to the art form.


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