Do It Theatre is the collective name of the performance work created by Steven Fraser. Do It Theatre create performance events for autistic people. Some involve zines, comics and puppets. These events and zines are called Private Plays. I have been awarded a New Emerging Theatre Companies Award from New Diorama Theatre in London, a Small Grants Award from the Tom McGrath Trust project funding from Creative Scotland and a Starter for Ten Award from National Theatre of Scotland.

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What Are Private Plays?

Private Plays are immersive performances where the audience read illustrated theatre scripts in installation spaces. The scripts are presented as Zines. The scripts are developed to be read in the installations and the illustrations spark the readers imagination. It’s site specific theatre without performers and mood lighting. Private Plays open up storytelling to a new audience.

The play scripts and Zines aare created for all to enjoy regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability or background. All that is needed is the ability to read and some imagination.

Private Plays appear at events, festivals and exhibitions. You can purchase our zines at our online Zine Shop.

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