Creature at Paradigm Exhibition – Summerhall March 5 -12 2016

We had some animation and Flipbooks form our show Creature on display at the basement gallery in Summerhall, Edinburgh on March 5 – 12. This was part of the Paradigm Exhibition. The event was a success and attended by many people. The was lots of exciting art on display and here are some photos of our flipbooks.


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Creature at Paradigm Electronic Arts Exhibition – Summerhall Edinburgh, March 5 -12

There will be a revival of an abridged version of the Private Play – Creature at Summerhall in Edinburgh as part of the Paradigm Electronic Arts Exhibition. I will present some props and animation from the Creature Private Play from March 5 -12, 2016. That’s 2 events at Summerhall this month. The other being Circles, Circles, Circles at Anatomy on March 4.

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