Zines Saved My Life

Zines Saved My Life is a 28-page comic book about zines. It explores mental health in a visual and exciting method that shows how important zines, art and communication are. The comic is personal and intimate and follows the comic creator as they look at what zines and DIY art means to them. It is mainly in black and white, but also uses bursts of colour to fully expression the emotion and themes. Zines Saved My Life is personal and expressive and will connect with readers who love zines, comics and outsider art. 
Zines Saved My Life will appeal to people who like zines, perzines, queer zines and comics, graphic memoirs and graphic medicine comics. 

28 pages
Black and white (mostly)
Hand bound and stapled
Made with love and honesty

The comic can be bought here

Or a PDF can be downloaded below for free.