Photos from Ten Little Memories at Ignite Dundee Festival

On May 7th 2016 Do It Theatre performed Ten Little Memories. The event went well and some photographs are below:
This give a taster of what we’ve got planned for the Hidden Door Festival on June 2 and 3, 2016.

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Ten Little Memories at Ignite Dundee

Ten Little Memories - Dundee

On May 7 we performed Ten Little Memories at the Ignite Festival in Dundee. The show went well and we got lots of great feedback. We will post up more images and videos soon.

The venue was the Makerspace at the Vision Building just a few minutes walk from the city centre. The space was large and allowed us to experiment with space and location. This version of Ten Little Memories allowed us to continue to experiment with Private Plays and present new and exiting work.