Ten Little Memories at Papergirl Bristol 2017

We will have some of our zines from our show Ten Little Memories at an exhibition as part of Papergirl Bristol. The exhibition takes place at the Easton Community Centre on Kilburn Street from 10 June until 9 July 2017. We will be exhibiting 10 zines during the show and then these will be handed out to members of the public at a special event after the exhibition concludes. Here volunteers will be travelling around Bristol on bikes and giving out all the artwork from the exhibition.

Papergirl Bristol
Easton Community Centre
Kilburn Street

Papergirl Bristol Video

In 2015 July/August 2015 we took part in Papergirl Bristol by displaying some of our Love.Stop.Repeat zines in an exhibition. The zines were then given out to the public. A video was made at the time of the exhibition and Do It Theatre features in this. The video can be seen below. Papergirl Bristol is taking place in 2017 and we are hoping to take part again with some Ten Little Memories Zines.

Love.Stop.Repeat at Papergirl Bristol


There will be an exhibition  of some of our Love.Stop.Repeat zines at the Papergirl Bristol event. The Zines will then get handed out to the public by volunteers who cycle around the city on bikes. This is part of the Papergirl network of art events around the world. Papergirl events will allow people to enjoy Love.Stop.Repeat in setting far from the exhibition space.
The event will happen later in the year and we will post of more information when we have it.