Delay is a queer love story told in a performance script and presented in an illustrated zine. It is a story about autism and queerness and is a personal and intimate account.

Delay is a story about waiting. It is love story where a person is waiting in a bar for their partner to arrive. It attempts to capture the moment in a relationship when you can’t decide if putting in the effort is worth it.

The idea is that you read the script that is in the zine and the performance unfurls in your imagination. The script can be read in a bar (where the story takes place), or at home at your own leisure.

With this Zine I wanted to try something new and experimental with words, language and illustrations. It is more like a comic book that concisely imparts the inner thoughts and frustrations of the characters within the story. As thoughts and feelings can be difficult to express through words, the language and presentation is abstract and obscure and asks the reader to draw their own conclusions. Delay is therefore an experimental piece.

A5 size
28 pages